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FORMS APPROVED BY THE SUPREME COURT OF OHIO PURSUANT TO CIV. R. 84 The Supreme Court of Ohio pursuant to Ohio Rule of Civil Procedure 84 approved on May 25 2010 the following Uniform Domestic Relations Forms Affidavits 1 through 5 which are effective July 1 2010. YEARLY INCOME OVERTIME COMMISSIONS AND BONUSES FOR PAST THREE YEARS 2 years ago Last year Base yearly income Yearly overtime commissions and/or bonuses Supreme Court of Ohio Uniform Domestic Relations Form Affidavit 1 Approved under...
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I'm Ernie and I'm going to take you through a quick tour of our uniform domestic relations forms application in this video I'll refer to it by its call letters you drf by the way we've published two other YouTube demonstration videos one on our child support application and one on our spousal support application both are about 10 minutes long and we'll be sticking to those time constraints in this demonstration video as well in our previous videos we've showed you how quickly you can do a child support complication or spousal support calculation but in this video we're going to take a slightly different tab and instead of showing you how fast you can complete a former affidavit like a separation agreement for example we're going to walk you through some key application features aside from our demonstration videos if you haven't seen our instructional videos you can take a look at them by going to youtube and searching puritas spring software we've published about a dozen videos and the demonstration videos that we're talking about are there among them so you shouldn't have any problem locating them as we get started I want to make it clear that although by using our pure to spring software applications you can perform a child support calculation or a basic spousal support calculation in about five minutes the goal of our applications it's just not about being fast for one thing fast usually goes hand in hand with sloppiness and making mistakes the goal of our family law applications is to get you there yes faster but also with better and more precise results I'd also like to mention that even users of the current version of you drf may pick up a tip or two about some of the hidden features in you drf as well as getting an introduction to some new features that we've introduced in this latest revision okay let's start by taking a look at the general information worksheet it's on the screen right now this screen contains about 150 fields of common information such as a judge's name the case number the county name the party's names and addresses the date and place of marriage child related data and similar facts that you find repeated over and over in the forms and the affidavits consider a simple example like the case number in a typical family law case you're going to be entering it on the affidavit of income and expenses the affidavit of property the parenting proceeding affidavit the health insurance affidavit the complaint for divorce or the petition for dissolution the separation agreement and the judgment entry that's just the case number the same is true for the judges name the county name the parties names and many of the other fields that you see here on the worksheet when you use you drf you enter that information one time and everything is transferred automatically to all the affidavits in the and forms how much time does this save well over the course of a case think about how much time it takes to type these 100 or so bits of...